3 Reasons to Prioritize Rug & Carpet Cleaning

3 Reasons to Prioritize Rug & Carpet Cleaning

1. You’d like to beautify your Huntersville, NC home

Say goodbye to unsightly carpet stains and damaged rugs. Your houseguests won’t appreciate grubby surfaces or threadbare carpets. Fortunately, Lillard’s Carpet & Rug Care can help. Our carpet cleaning company is based in Huntersville, North Carolina, but we serve clients in the Charlotte Area, too. Choose us for steam cleaning, carpet stretching and more.

We work on luxurious establishments and single-family homes. Our carpet cleaning expert has 30+ years of experience, and he maintains competitive rates. Take advantage of our current special by contacting us right away. Lillard’s will clean all of your carpets!

2. Your dogs and cats tend to shed

You love your pets, but their dander drives you crazy. Perhaps your upholstery smells like wet dog. Or maybe your ornamental carpets are covered in cat fur. Call Lillard’s at 704-728-2724. Our Huntersville, NC rug and furniture cleaning company can:

It’s time to freshen up your furnishings. Choose Huntersville’s preferred carpet specialist. There are 100,000 licensed textile cleaners in the world. Our service is ranked 68th!

3. You want professionals to clean your tile and grout

Did you just install tile flooring? Don’t use the wrong cleaning solutions on your new surface. Lillard’s Carpet & Rug Care will give you a free tile and grout cleaning estimate. We use the best materials when removing dirt and grime.

Ready to schedule an appointment? Get in touch with us by calling 704-728-2724 today!

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