When It Comes to Rugs, a Little TLC Goes a Long Way

Schedule carpet cleaning service near Huntersville, NC

After a long day at work, you don’t want to come home and steam clean your carpets. Delegate carpet cleaning to Lillard’s Carpet & Rug Care. Our textile cleaner tackles ornamental carpets, area rugs, tile and hardwood. We’ll remove dirt particles carefully, and we can also get rid of carpet stains. Count on us for comprehensive cleaning services. We have more than three decades of experience, so call 704-728-2724 to make an appointment.

Sanitize your Huntersville or Charlotte home

Sanitize your Huntersville or Charlotte home

Lillard’s is a rug cleaning company based in Huntersville, North Carolina. If it’s time to deep clean your office or house, contact us. We offer:

  • Steam cleaning – consider our wall-to-wall steam cleaning service. Your carpets will look fantastic.
  • Pet odor elimination – was it a challenge to house-train your pup? Lillard’s can deodorize your carpets and area rugs in just one day.
  • Tile and grout cleaning – once we clean your carpets, we’ll tackle your tile. Dirt often settles into the grooves of tiles, but we use powerful cleaning agents.
  • Area rug cleaning – Lillard’s will pick up your area rug and take it back to our shop. After a day at our “rug spa,” your ornamental carpet will look better than ever.

Contact Lillard’s today to schedule your carpet cleaning service.